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I totally get it - the oboe is challenging. But if I can do it, you can too!

Confession time

  • Did you know I  didn’t begin learning how to make reeds until I was a junior in college?​​

       That’s right… a junior... in college!


  • I struggled for years playing the oboe with tension and pain. But it is possible to get past that and play with more ease. I'll share how I learned to get beyond this and offer tips for healthy practice.

Are you ready to become a member of a supportive studio?


Everyone has their own unique learning style. Working with a teacher who doesn’t get it can lead to frustration and not being able to learn. Well, good news because I’ve honed my teaching strategies to incorporate ALL learning methods. I will adapt to YOUR learning style.


Not sure how to practice? I’ll show you efficient practice strategies so that you won’t waste time in the practice room. 

Here’s what you get in your lessons:

  • INDIVIDUAL TEACHING PLAN that adapts to your unique learning style.

  • WEEKLY LESSON ASSIGNMENTS, so you can progress with small goals… think scales,  etudes, etc.

  • AUDITION PREPARATION with strategic steps to meet larger goals...think repertoire.

  • REED MAKING, an optional add-on so you can learn how to tie, scrape, and adjust your own reeds.

PLUS, you’ll also get instant access to:

my downloadable list of top 10 reed tips that provides answers to your reed questions 

How does it work?

“Teaching is more than just music – it takes patience and understanding. I learned that from you. Private instructors spend so much time with students that you learn about each student. You’re like a mentor or a coach. It helps to know that your teachers are human. You humanize yourself.”


- Noah R. (former student)
60 min. lesson - payment of $60.00  |  30 min. lesson - payment of $35.00
Your investment for a lesson subscription is:

 3 - 60 min. lessons per month, monthly tuition of $150.00 (a $30 savings!)

 3 - 30 min. lessons per month, monthly tuition of $90.00 (a $15 savings!)




1 oboe reed - $25.00

1 English horn reed - payment of $35.00

Here’s what others have asked!

What if I’ve never  taken lessons before?

No worries! As long as you are interested in learning - we will begin wherever you are. 


I don’t think I have time for this?

I know, there aren’t enough hours in the day! But if you’re feeling stuck, and don't know what or how to practice, I can help ease your anxiety by offering expert step-by-step tools.


What’s your lesson cancellation policy?

Absences from lessons are only excused in case of emergencies.  Please contact me at least 24 hours in advance of your lesson via phone/text or email to avoid an unexcused absence. You are responsible for payment of an unexcused absence.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

No problem. Contact me and I will reply within 48 hours. I look forward to your questions.

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